Week #2 Creating Your Wellness Vision (Part 1), Motivation & Success

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Welcome to week #2 of 2014!! I truly hope that all of you are feeling optimistic about your health, the future of fitness, and also feeling confident about your abilities to achieve whatever it is you are setting out to accomplish!

As long as the goal you are setting is important to you, it is a great goal! You may already be familiar with SMART goals but if you are not please check out this link and read about SMART goals.

Another tool for Goal Setting is understanding the Five Principles of Goal Setting. These are used more often in industrial and organizational psychology, human resource management, and organizational behavior. This page here has some great information you can use in understanding how to set goals and create a successful environment and mindset for yourself. Here are the 5 Principles of Goal Setting.

1. Clarity (clear goals are measurable and unambiguous). When a goal is vague–or when it’s expressed as a general instruction, like “Take initiative”–it has limited motivational value.

Clarity simplifies the behaviors needed to reach our goals. Clarity, Simplify, Succeed.

2. Challenge (people are motivated by achievement, and they’ll judge a goal based on the significance of the anticipated accomplishment). Make achieving your goal relevant to being successful, this will more appropriately motivate you.

Make your goals challenging and also relevant to how successful you want to be.

3. Commitment (agreed goals lead to commitment, share them with someone or use a person of interest to help hold you accountable). This can lead to a greater level of motivation if someone else is supporting you and has the same expectations of your own success.

Be proud of the goals you have and celebrate your success with those around you!

4. Feedback (by providing benchmark opportunities or targets, individuals can determine for themselves how they’re doing). Having feedback throughout the process of reaching your goals can continually allow you to gain confidence in your abilities and therefore help you find the right level of motivation for you to succeed.

Stay motivated throughout your quest to achieve the goals you have set by implementing some form of feedback.

5. Task Complexity (high levels of complexity require high levels of motivation). Give yourself sufficient time to meet the goal or improve performance & provide enough time for you to practice or learn what is expected and required for success.

We all have an ability to perform and it takes some level of motivation to achieve the task.

Two common themes within all 5 principles are Motivation and Success. Within your own vision of yourself where do you see your level of motivation? Are you constantly envisioning yourself achieving the things that are of the utmost importance to you? I mean, if you are constantly feeling a certain way and even discussing with your peers, for example, that you want to lose weight but you are eating out 1-2 meals per day everyday of the week, how serious are you about really knowing what you are putting in your body? Even with ‘healthy’ food choices in your neighborhood do you really know what’s in your food? This person just needs to be able to execute more appropriate behavioral choices that would lead them to the success they envision for themselves.

Or on the flip-side if you are always talking about wanting to gain muscle and becoming stronger but you are eating calorically dense foods without taking any action towards the behaviors needed to build muscle (like taking part in Resistance Training and complying with Nutritional demands needed for muscle gain) then you are either stuck on not knowing what to do to achieve these things that are important to you, or you are kidding yourself and those around you. This person needs to set more realistic and relevant goals for themselves.

As a Wellness Coach (coaching exercise, nutrition, sleep quality and stress management) I listen. A lot. All any coach really has to do is LISTEN. People will tell you, eventually, what they want. Then the coach helps the client or athlete develop their Wellness Vision…..which can change at any moment, and evolve, and that’s ok!

The magic wand technique: “If you had a magic wand and could make any wish about yourself or your life what would it be? Now make a second wish, what is that? Now envision yourself as your ideal-self. In what state of mind do you think will lead you to this state-of-being you envision? When are you most happy? What is most important to your success in being happy? How do you see yourself getting there? Tell me what’s stopping you from reaching your goals?”

This dialogue can be used on any person, yourself, your boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, anyone. But the key is to allow your mind to shut off and your dreams turn on. There is no right or wrong answer, no judgements, just the truth about yourself, where you are today, where you want to be and how to start developing the plan of how to get you there! This last sentence should sound familiar, if not please go and read “Week #1” from my blog last week.

I will continue discussing Creating Your Wellness Vision in later posts, this is just Part 1.

Remember, no matter what your goals are, they are important enough to be embedded in your thoughts, dreams and memories (to some extent). Since 1999, my freshman year of college at Clemson University, I can remember creating in my mind, in my heart, the vision that I felt I needed to create to reach my goals; pursuing the chance to represent the USA as a decathlete. Well, after five and a half years of college, transferring to UCONN, living at home for a couple of years after graduating I finally moved to Berkeley, Ca in 2006. Four years later I made my first USA Decathlon team and went to Marburg, Germany to compete in the Thorpe Cup, where 7 decathletes from each country competed as a team. This was 11 years in-the-making. In 2011 I was selected for 2 more USA teams.

My point is I remained true to my wellness vision, as you can and should, so no matter what your dreams entail, no matter how you ‘see yourself’ when you close your eyes or look in the mirror, no matter what, I believe it is essential to your happiness to develop a wellness vision. Let me help you.

As promised from last week’s blog I would show you some exercises that I claimed no one else is doing. As a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, elite level Decathlete, and trainer/coach for more than a decade, I feel that the future of fitness (mine and yours) could potentially lie within the realm of training like I am in this video. Check it out, what do you think?

Next week I will share with you some of my favorite articles at Precision Nutrition, discuss what I’ve learned so far while studying for their Nutrition Coaching Certification, and of course continue to help you and your Wellness Vision evolve.

I’m on Twitter now, too! Please follow me and allow me to help guide you towards a better, more fun, more conscious environment where happiness and wellness all come true!

Thank You for reading, please pass this information on to people in your life you care about and think can benefit from my insight on fitness, wellness, nutrition and performing at your best!!

Let’s succeed together,

Mark Jellison, CSCS

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