Week #1 Hello 2014!

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It’s a new year, new things, new stuff, new ideas, new news and old news. Is it really though? Besides adding a ‘4’ instead of ‘3’ isn’t it the same? I mean, yes, it’s 2014 now so you’ll be seeing lots more of the number 4 and the inspiration and energy that comes from the ‘New Year’. Well that’s all hype–most of it made-up, kinda fake and part of a larger scheme of all of our realities, inflated like a balloon and we all watch it sizzle away as the month ends and January is left behind us. Of course you can be excited to make resolutions, go after something your life has been missing, pursue something or someone you don’t have yet but really this environment is here for you all day, all week, all year! It’s up to us to make change and maintain what we want or think we should REGARDLESS of what month it is!!

Am I wrong?

It’s much easier to “get back in shape” or “lose that Holiday extra weight” after the Holidays have left us but really what I’m trying to say is we totally set ourselves up for these losses in fitness, changes in mindsets and being focused on health, and plenty of other things that all of us do so well most other times of the year. I know it’s difficult in colder regions of the world and training indoors, and your damn Aunt’s always bringing you such amazing calorie-loaded food over the holidays but still, our health is out of our control once you agree (with yourself) that you lost your vision, that you are ‘giving in’ to the holidays, that you are expecting to gain weight and lose momentum.


Because you knew New Year’s was right around the corner! And what does that bring? The New Year brings resolutions, higher gym memberships, etc. and even more so the New Year brings another chance to get back what you had lost or actually never achieved in the first place (failure in the past to become the healthy kick-ass version of yourself that you have been striving to be for years or even decades).

So what’s so special about 2014?

As a health professional, trainer, coach and athlete I see 2014 as a continuance of unveiling even more of the BS (that stands for bull-poop) that literally mocks our intelligence as human beings and all the myths and lies that continually stand in our way to pursue our fitness dreams or at least become a more well-rounded and informed consumer and activist of our own health.

Why is this so damn important?

I really shouldn’t have to tell you but I’ll try. If you let what you read in magazines, hear on the news and tv, or let word of mouth bro-science contribute to your health I guarantee you will not only NOT live as long as you should but also, and more importantly, you will NOT live the quality of life that YOU DESERVE! Money is what drives this world and even though you are driving your own car on the roads that you pay for it is very likely that you are already or have in the past been sucking on the exhaust tailpipe of a greedy, selfish, manipulative and consciously destructive system.

Did you know that nutritional supplement companies can not only put whatever they want on their products containers and labels but they also are regulated so poorly that they can be downright absolutely horrible for you and still claim that they are THE EXACT OPPOSITE! Type 2 diabetes is leading the way in our country and showing no significant signs of slowing down, IN FACT, childhood obesity is on the rise. Manufactured foods are actually fooling and tricking our own bodies into becoming fatter, more likely to develop some kind of different cancers, and plenty of other horrible things because of the way these foods are ‘engineered’. They actually trick our satiety cues so we don’t know when we are full, therefore we eat more of that crap because the signal gets cut off from our brains! And, since these crap-death foods have almost no NUTRIENT DENSITY our evolutionary smartness of eating healthy is helpless because our brain is telling us to eat more food until we can finally get something that contains NUTRIENTS.

There’s plenty of hope for 2014, I promise you that. Companies like Precision Nutrition are offering a ‘Nutritional Coaching Certification’ so that Fitness and Health Professionals like myself can become even more educated on what proper nutrition is, how to achieve it and what it means to be healthy.

There is no perfect diet, vegetarians are at plenty of risk, especially Vegans and of course Omnivores are as well. The whole point behind becoming informed and educated is so that you have CHOICES, conscious ones, not something you read Heidi Klum is using or something that Kim Kardashian’s butt told you in a magazine. Millionaires have personal chefs, big money deals with food companies, unlimited budget, the best trainers in the world and different motivations than most of us. But you don’t have to sell your soul or be rich to become the healthiest, most consciously optimistic version of yourself TODAY! You just have to develop a Wellness Vision of yourself.

If you neglect to acknowledge that there are stressors out there (and a lot of them), the fact that quality of sleep is almost as important as anything else you have, the importance of nutrient dense food and that exercise is movement then you will fail, eventually. You can be healthy, happy and optimistic if you have only 1 or 2 of these aspects of your wellness vision but you are still going to be setting yourself up for eventual failure of becoming the utmost perfect reflection of what you could be–the image of yourself you see when you close your eyes and ask yourself (quickest response is best)
1. What wish would you make about yourself?
2. Make a second wish, what is it?
3. When are you most happy?
4. What is most important to your success in being happy?
5. How do you see yourself getting there?
6. What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?
7. What motivates you?
8. Who motivates you?
9. Do you feel in control?
10. How could you simplify your life?
11. How do you measure success?
12. How successful do you feel?
13. What’s missing in your master-plan?

There are some Key Identifier Questions I use when coaching wellness with my athletes and clients. It can be used for ANYONE. There is no right or wrong answer, no judgements, just truth about yourself, where are you are today, where you want to be and how to start developing the plan of getting you there!

Are you in?

2014 will also be the year that I get back to competing as a Track & Field athlete and Decathlete!! In 1999 I finished my first decathlon at Clemson University. It’s been over 15 years that I have been training as a decathlete and 2013 was the year I absolutely had to take off, rest and learn. I had been fortunate enough to have the resources and the right people in my life to help me become a 3X USA Decathlete 2010 & 2011. Unfortunately it all caught up to me in 2012 when something had to give and after all the training that led to my success as a decathlete, actually led to a breaking point where overtraining took the best of me (and my foot).

Most importantly I learned from the process of being injured from overtraining, overcame it, and have been using it as an advantage. Power:Mass ratio, effective healing, a greater emphasis on nutrition, practicing patience, these are all things I am happy to say have made me a stronger, smarter, more conscious and confident person.

In closing week #1 (of 52) I would like to share a few of the methods I have used to help myself prepare what could be the start of the best next several years of athletic performance I have ever had!

And I want you to be a part of it!

Please stay tuned for examples of how I overcame my 2012 season-ending injury and had tons of fun while doing so! See you all next week for some new videos of alternative ways to train and a further detailed look at how to overcome any injury, it will work for you too!

Mark Jellison, CSCS

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